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SMEs: Is your MSP protecting your data? Questions to ask them

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are often charged with safeguarding their customers’ IT systems from cyber attacks. However, new research has revealed that cyber criminals have identified MSPs as a high value target and are systemically carrying out attacks. Typically, MSPs have access to the systems of multiple customers, enabling hackers to launch malicious attacks on many organisations with just one hack. The research showed that 74% of MSPs themselves have suffered at least one cyber-attack …

Small Business and Cyber Security

The finance sector regulator recorded a ten-fold increase in cyber-crime incidents between 2017 and 2018, however, across all sectors more businesses are reporting being impacted by a cyber incident year-on-year. Often hardest hit is small to medium enterprises (SMEs), that lack the expertise and financial resources to withstand the fallout from a cyber incident…


Virtual Online Security Officer

A workflow based service that also provides continuous reminder training. Sets out Cyber Security standards including GDPR in plain language. Enables directors and companies to understand and manage the business risks associated with Cyber Security.


Cyber Security, GDPR and Enterprise

Aids large organisations manage the Cyber Security business risk across departments and locations. 87% of breaches were down to human error or poor decision making and the fines issued by the Information Commissioners Office are for poor practice. Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO) is a Cyber Security workflow service with basic staff training and GDPR workflow you can understand and greatly reduce risk. VOSO will also quickly allow organisations to gain Cyber Security accreditation at low cost giving organisations a marketing advantage.


GDPR Myths and Responsibilities

GDPR has been met with quite a bit of confusion and here we look at what companies need to do to minimise business risk.


Small doesn’t mean safe - 5 Steps to Cyber Security for SMEs

Small business are targets for extortion and used as a gateway to attack larger organisations. A serious breach will leave a company vulnerable to ransomware or lead to loss of important clients open to fines and legal action. Good Cyber Security can be delivered at a low cost.


7 key principles of GDPR

A document to help you towards a good Cyber Security strategy.


Why CE Certification?

All companies either funded or working with government need Cyber Essentials certification (CE). CE is the first and a key step in being GDPR compliant, by being CE certified companies show their market that they can be trusted with their data and this offers a marketing benefit. With Virtual Online Security Officer a company can take all the steps to gain certification in as little as one day and at low cost.


Information Commissioners Office -draft-regulatory-action-policy

Information Commissioners Office document



This white paper will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of Vulnerability Scanning and will suggest an approach suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as discussing the possibility of buying this as a service from a specialist agency. The intended audience is the systems administrators of these companies, who will typically have a good level of technical understanding, but limited security experience. This leads to the requirement to explain the subject in a manner that will ensure their interest.


The importance of a vulnerability scanning

A number of Cyber breaches have lead to fines, loss of customer confidence and hits to share prices because of failure to patch software with the latest upgrades.