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Vulnerability Scanning


What is a

 Vulnerabilities are issues in code that can be used to gain access to stored data, introduce malware, or hijack entire networks. 

Any piece of software or hardware that connects to the internet could present a potential vulnerability for malicious actors to try and exploit. 

Vulnerabilities are often discovered only after an attempt is made to use them for nefarious ends. Whilst developers try to patch as many as they can through software updates, some will inevitably slip through.  

How we help
protect your organisation

Should you request a vulnerability scan, one of our trained experts will be allocated to your organisation to perform the assessment of your systems. 

Using a Cloud Agent, your systems will be combed over for a period of time to determine where potential vulnerabilities may reside.

Once completed, a detailed report will be submitted, along with recommendations and guidelines for removing these risks to your cyber security infrastructure. 

What is a Vulnerability?

Vulnerabilities are issues in the code that make up the operating system or application you are using. 
Criminals can exploit the code to gain access into your systems and data.
Once in, they can steal your data or encrypt your information systems and demand a ransom.
Regular vulnerability scanning and patching of systems is essential to protect your organisation from being breached.