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CSPM CE guides your organisation on the next stage of the cyber security journey. Cyber Essentials (CE) is a policy guidance from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

  1. CSPM CE helps protect all organisations from common cyber-attacks, with a continuous process that implements the minimum standards to deflect most cyberattacks.
  2. Aims to provide businesses with a structured, easy to follow framework.
  3. Cyber Security Policy Monitor guides you through the required polices, processes and events in an easy to understand way.

CSPM IASME Governance


IASME Governance (Information Assurance for SMEs) is aligned to the UK Government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security.

  1. IASME embraces CE, adding controls around people and processes to deliver a more robust cyber posture.
  2. IASME also covers General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. It is aligned to the much more complex and rigorous ISO27001 but is more affordable and achievable for SMEs.
  3. CSPM IASME includes pro-forma policies and processes, allowing you to quickly establish compliance
    with IASME Governance, reducing the time and cost to achieve certification.

Cyber-security traininG


Develop a security-concious culture to ensure that compliance measures are enforced and upheld by all.

  1. CSPM tells you why as well as how to go about securing your systems.
  2. Accessible and transferrable.
  3. Self-paced

Our product: cSPM

Our flagship solution: CSPM (Cyber Security Policy Monitor), implements cyber awareness training into your organisation, resulting in a safer operational environment.

IASME Certification

IASME Governance is aligned to the UK Government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security and embraces CE, adding controls around people and processes to achieve a robust cyber defense.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Achieving the Cyber Essentials Certifications (CE and CE+) mitigates many of the risks faced by businesses, such as malware infections, social engineering attacks and hacking.

Consulting & Support

Our team of Specialists will support you achieve IASME and Cyber Essentials Certifications, helping you regain control of your organisation's Cyber Security.