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Law Firms and Cyber Security: the 4 most common cyber threats

Data breaches are becoming more prevalent and the legal sector is a favoured target, and is falling victim to cyber-attacks at an alarming rate. Guy Lloyd at Policy Monitor explains the 4 most common cyber threats and why the legal sector should step up its focus on cyber security.

Do you know your SOC from your SIEM and more importantly where security compliance and regulation fit in?

It is widely accepted that enterprise cyber-attacks are inevitable – it’s not a question of if but when. However, in the age of GDPR all organisations need to have a defined approach for when a breach occurs, or risk falling foul of regulation. Guy Lloyd, Director at Policy Monitor looks at the tools available to keep abreast of the threat landscape and explains the importance of having a response strategy

Questions to ask your MSP about your security

Malicious attacks on managed service providers (MSP) are on the increase. Hackers are infiltrating MSP networks enticed by the chance to victimise multiple companies with just one hack. Guy Lloyd explains the impact and highlights the questions all SMEs should be asking their service provider